Birth Photography

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Birth - the most natural thing in the world.

Having a baby comes with all kinds of different emotions, excitement, joy, love, fear, vulnerability, and everything in between! 

Most women forget soon after what they went through, especially when the tiny human appears and takes over everything!

We hire a photographer for our wedding after planning for months and months, have you ever thought about hiring a photographer for the birth of your child? Wow! Imagine the raw and powerful photographs that you can look back on to remember the immediate bond and relief that you feel when your child comes into the world. The happiness of holding your baby for the very first time...


So how does it work?

If you decide that birth photography is something that you would love then I will arrange to meet with you and your partner face to face over tea and cake! It is so important that you feel that I am the right fit for you both. Who you have in the room with you while giving birth is such as precious thing and you absolutely have to feel comfortable with me at all times. 

I always include a maternity session in my package if you would like one. This is to get you used to how I work and get used to the camera. This will take place when you are about 37 weeks along.

I will be on call 24/7 from when you are at 38 weeks until you give birth.

When you go into established labour then your partner will phone me and I'll rush over! 

During the pre- birth consultation we will go through what you would like me to capture and, if anything, what you don't want me to capture.

I will very much blend into the background, taking the photos as they happen and not intruding at all. There will be no flash or artificial light at all.

After the birth I will stay a couple of hours to capture the raw beautiful moments and the bond that is forming between you all. 

Birth is never simple and always unpredictable! Due to covid restrictions, at the moment I can only take photos for parents having a home birth. 

I will then edit the photos and deliver them to you via an online gallery. I will also arrange a time to discuss if you would like any prints or an album. 

Would you like to arrange a chat? 

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Prices are from £999 and includes the Hi-Resolution files via an online gallery.

A £350 deposit is taken to secure the booking as I can only book one birth photography session per month.