Dog and Equestrian Photography

dog on field

Pets are our family too! We can't help giving out hearts to them as well as the rest of our family. 

The way they talk to us through their eyes is just pure magic!!! 

I have a Red Fox Labrador (as seen in the photos above!) He just needs to look at me for me to know exactly what he is thinking!!!! We go on adventures together, visiting the whole of the Wirral and beyond. Our favourite places are Leasowe Bay, Bidston Hill and Thurstaston area.

Where is your favourite place to walk with your dog?


Or are you lucky enough to own a horse? My son is obsessed with horse riding and the bond he has for them is beyond words. They make him calm and his anxiety disappears when he is with them. Photos of you riding your horse on the beach or at their stables would make the perfect photos to hang on your walls. Memories to last forever.


Do you have a puppy or new pet that you would like to capture?

Or do you have an old pet whom you really don't want to forget? Then book a session with me and we can discuss capturing their photos in your favourite place.