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Capturing true childhood

I always dream of capturing the essence of true childhood, or at least, what I view childhood as.... climbing trees and getting muddy! Having a laugh with your family, however that may be. These are the times that you remember for the rest of your life. The memories you can tell your children and grandchildren.

Before Christmas I did a photoshoot with two sisters, one of 7 and the other of 4. They were so excited! The mother had said that they were shy around strangers but I certainly didn't see that!

The parents had put thermal clothes on underneath their normal clothes so that they didn't need to wear coats unless it was absolutely freezing! What an amazing idea!!!! I will definitely be suggesting this for future sessions!!! I always find coats restrict peoples appearance unless its hat, gloves and coats in the snow sort of photoshoot of course.

Anyway, am getting off the point!!!

These girls LOVED being in the forest, and their parents allowed them to just be themselves and get muddy! It was so amazing to see this. I always tell my kids, clothes can be washed. Hands can be cleaned so just have fun!!!

Although in my sessions I do a few posed photos, my aim is to capture the spontaneous, the moments that we don't remember ourselves but love looking back on.

Everyone remembers as a child smiling at the camera and saying cheese, however, you don't want to remember those moments. You want to remember the look of love that your brother or sister gives you. Or the huge cuddle that your mum gave you when you ran up to her. Capturing that look of love forever.

The look of your sister pulling a funny face at you or trying to make you laugh while ticking you. The bond that you both have. THAT is what I hope to capture in my sessions.

What stories do you want to tell your grandchildren? What memories do you have as a child?

Please, let me know in the comments.

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