Puppy Photoshoot

Before lockdown I had the pleasure of doing a puppy photoshoot!

I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect from it as, with kids you can tell them what to do. With my 3 year old dog you can tell him to sit and he does! But with puppies? How do we get them to stay in one place?!!!

I arrived at the house and there were 6 beautiful white Westie puppies and the mum and dad dogs! They were so gorgeous I found it hard to pull myself away from them to set up my equipment!

Once I had drawn myself away from the puppies there was the issue that the puppies were very excited to explore all my stuff!!!! Everywhere I turned there were puppies!!!

Anyway.... I'd purchased a large flower pot that I thought would be perfect for the puppies to all fit in, so I filled it with pillows and tried a puppy in it! It was perfect! The puppy fitted in there and stayed in there while I took photos. I'd bought a squeaky ball hoping that it would get the puppy to look at the camera. However, it ceased havoc with the adult dogs as they just wanted it instead!!!!

I realised after a few minutes that the plant pot wasn't doing the job as the puppy was only interested in chewing the pillows inside it! Therefore I changed to a very fluffy rug (see above) and lay it on the floor and hoped the puppies would settle down on it and fall asleep!!!!

It seemed to do the trick! I got some beautiful photos on it when the puppies weren't chewing it!!! (Don't tell my daughter as it is her rug!!!)

I then decided to try and lift the puppies up a bit so I could see their beautiful faces. Therefore I tried a smaller basket with the rug placed in it. Perfect! I got some perfect photos and the puppies stayed in there (most of the time) and with the giving of little food biscuits they looked at their owners with happy faces!!!

Once I had taken photos of all six puppies I then had the dreaded job of trying to get all six of them to calmly look in the same direction!! This was going to be interesting!!!!

So... we decided to use the big plant pot again and seeing as all the puppies liked the rug, we put that in there too!

Here is the result......

I don't know about you, but I think that is definitely a keeper!!!!

So now I've done a puppy photoshoot, would I do one again? Absolutely!!!! I throughly enjoyed it! No tantrums from kids or telling them to smile!!!

What would I do differently?

Lots!!!! It annoys me that I used a white rug and a white backdrop with white dogs!!!! Obviously if I was planning a dog photoshoot again I would purchase proper colours to compliment the colour of the dogs. But for a try out I think it was fantastic!!! The client was so happy and she has these photos to remind her of the dogs she helped bring into the world once they go off into the world with their new owners.

So if you have any puppies and would like me to take photos of them then please get in touch! Just like babies, they are only small for such a short time!

Thanks for reading!

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