What's the difference between a lifestyle newborn photoshoot and posed newborn photoshoot?

I have spent a lot of time over the past couple of years studying how to pose newborn babies on a bean bag to create beautiful photos to capture how tiny babies are when they are born.

Newborn photography
Pretty in pink

Now I love the photos that this creates as long as they do not include lots of props and the baby is safe and comfortable. I see lots of baby photos that just look over the top and unnatural.

Also, posed newborn shoots are best done when the baby is between 5 days and 14 days old. Now I don't know about you, but when I had just had my two babies I could hardly stand up, never mind go out to a photographer's studio!

A lifestyle photographer comes to your own house and takes beautiful photos of your every day life, the baby on your family bed, in its cot, changing a nappy, feeding or snuggling up with it's parents and siblings. The exciting thing is that the photos don't even need to be within the first 2 weeks, they can be taken when parents are relaxed and happy with their routine or have had a bit of rest although, of course, if you want sleepy baby photos then the first two weeks are best.

A lot of parents tell me that there's no point in having photos done as their baby is very clingy and always wants to be cuddled..... That does not matter!!! If the baby wants to be cuddled all the time then I will have lots of cuddly photos for you to enjoy!!! Even photos of a crying baby are good memories!!!

Clingy baby
Newborn snuggles

So.... If you are pregnant and wanting lifestyle photos done instead of posed then get in touch and we'll put a date in the diary and get you booked in!

Am so excited to meet you and your new edition!!! 😍

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