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What is a lifestyle newborn session?

What to expect during your Newborn session...

A lifestyle newborn photoshoot is all about capturing your newborn baby exactly as they are, with your family as a whole as well as them on their own. I use very little props, I will use a couple of wraps or I can keep it very simple and dress them in a vest or sleep suit. Simple, natural and timeless. 

I have built a lifestyle photography studio to create natural and timeless photos of you and your baby but I can also come to your home if you wish so that I can capture beautiful photos of your new family in their own environment.  

We are so used to seeing posed photos of newborns that it is hard to imagine the lifestyle photos that I capture so I have included a Pinterest board to help you visualise it. I hope this helps.

If you go to

I will also capture photos of your baby on their own while they are at their sleepiest. I take photos of them as they pose naturally to show them as they are. However, if you would still like a few posed photos I can include these in your package

Safety of your newborn is vitally important to me and you can trust me to look after your baby with you always close by. I am also a Paediatric First Aider and have been working with children for over ten years as a childminder as well as a photographer.

I have also trained as a breastfeeding peer support worker so I understand the importance of getting to know your baby and working within their feeding patterns. Your baby comes first and this is why I only book one newborn photoshoot a day so that there is absolutely no rush to finish and I aim to get the best photos in the most relaxed environment so that both you and the baby are happy and I capture the best memories possible.

What to expect on a newborn session: Text

Where will we shoot?

During a lifestyle newborn session you have a choice of location, you can come to my purpose built lifestyle photography studio or I can come to your home and take natural photos of your newborn baby in their own environment with you as a family, relaxed and natural. Whichever setting you choose will be relaxed and natural, no awkward poses and no props. If they have siblings then I always include them as well as yourselves, I can even include your pets! If you choose your own home then it will preferably take place in the nursery, master bedroom and living room where there is the most natural light.

We can also take some photos outside if weather permits. (Positive thoughts!!!)

Don't stress about your house being a mess - You've just had a baby!!!!

How can I make sure my newborn is happy and comfortable during the shoot?

Making sure your baby is happy and comfortable during their photoshoot is my first priority.

Having worked with babies and children for over ten years means that I have experience in creating a happy environment for you and your family and if the baby is not happy then we can pause the photoshoot and spend time working out why your baby is not happy. 


The fourth trimester is very much a thing and we need to be aware of this when photographing them. If your baby is clingy and needs cuddles, let's embrace this. If they are happy just being on their own, then we will photograph them that way! I work in a very relaxed way and just take my time and work with you and your baby to create the best photos possible.

If they need a feed then we will stop and feed (however long that takes is absolutely fine!) If they need a new nappy then we will change the nappy!

A happy baby makes the best photos!

What should my husband and I wear?

I recommend wearing something simple and comfortable that you both feel good in. Neutral tones such as white, creams, earth colours and pastel colours are best as they do not take away from the natural beauty of your new baby. You can wear some jewellery to add a pop of colour to the photos which is lovely. Solid or floral tops work well, as well as textures such as big knit or lace.

On booking I will send you a preparation guide which will give examples of outfits that work well, although it is not essential to follow.

What should the baby wear?

I prefer the baby to be in simple colours, a onesie or simply a white vest. I will provide wraps in case you would like me to use them as well. 

Busy colours go out of fashion very quickly so we want to keep it timeless so that you can enjoy the photos on your wall for many years to come.

Do you use props?

As I specialise in lifestyle photography I do not incorporate props into the session, I may include a favourite teddy or something that you would like to include that means something special.

How long is the session?

A typical session will last between 2 - 2.5 hours. However, I let the baby lead the session so it may be shorter or longer depending on your baby.

If you would like posing then it can take up to four hours. 

How can I prepare for the session?

I will send you a questionnaire ahead of the day, just to find out a few things about you and your family and what you envision for the session. I will then send you a preparation guide that will explain exactly how I work through the session and it will include suggestions on what to wear, how to prepare your children, if you have any other children, for the session.

It will include how to best prepare the baby so that they are sleepy during the session, although nothing is guaranteed with babies! 

I look forward to meeting you and your new edition.

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