Rachel Beekman
Portrait photographer

Hi! I can't wait to get to know you......

But before we arrange a chat, I bet you just want to know if I am the right photographer for you and your family. So let me tell you a little bit about myself and my family and why I think I am the perfect photographer to take your families photos.

First and foremost I am a wife to a very patient Dutchman and a proud mum to a two kids of 6 and 9. You can see them featured in much of my work as I love using them as my models for all my new ideas!!!

My kids are as opposite as you can get but they are best friends and my absolutely favourite thing in the world is listening them laugh while playing with each other! It is the most perfect sound in the world! 

Photographer and children

I spend most photoshoots laughing a lot! I love working with children as they make me laugh so often! They way they behave is always a challenge, whether they are shy or hyper! My job is never boring when working with them! 

Hey, you know what they say.... "Laughter is the best medicine!"

Rachel Beekman Photographer laughing
bride laughing

What is my why? 

To know me is to get to know my why.... My why is the reason I am so passionate about photography and why I do what I do. 

How did I get into photography? Pure and simple....My Gramps! He was a very passionate photographer, he had so many cameras and other truly amazing gadgets! When I was a teenager I was into technology and gadgets more than fashion and make-up, so we used to go through everything and I learnt all about different types of cameras and used to spend hours looking through photo albums. Once I was older I used to tell him about the photos I'd taken and the new camera I just bought! 

My Mum passed away when I was 23, when I look back through photo albums, I realise how few photos there are of myself and my Mum. She was always the one taking the photos. I was always the grumpy teenager who hated having their picture taken with their mum!!! How I wish I could go back in time and get a lot more photos. Photos that were of us having a laugh, of showing the bond we had together. I do have a couple and I treasure them always.

bride and her grandpa

Fun Facts

family photograph on Hoylake red rocks
  • I was a childminder for 7 years

  • I worked in a special needs school for three years and specialised in behaviour management

  • I have a degree in Technical Theatre but when working on a cruise ship for 6 months as Stage Manager, I realised I have no idea what I was doing!!!! I made it work though and met my husband there as well as travelling half the world!!!

  • I hate having my photo taken but make myself get in the photo for my children in the future.

  • I have a Red fox Labrador called Chase and we have so many adventures together each day.

  • I hate jelly fish, I am really scared of them!!! Give me a lion or a tiger to fight any day over a jelly fish!

  • I have a wetsuit all ready to try open water swimming, I just need to be brave and start!

What's that I hear you say? You don't like your picture being taken?

Yeah me too!


I used to put off booking a photoshoot for my family because I was 'too fat' or 'I don't know how to pose properly'. But you know what..... your children don't care about that! They just want to remember you as you. You are their mum and they love you SO MUCH! 

My photos are natural and storytelling, no obvious posing at all, I will give you little prompts to make sure you look your best and to help you relax in front of the camera. I focus on the bond that you have with your family, capturing the true memories with absolutely NO forced smiles, just happy and excited faces!

Photography is so important to me. Life passes by so quickly and our children grow up even faster! Eventually all we will have are memories and photos. What better way to pause time, than by photographing it. We need to embrace what we have and remember it forever. Booking a photoshoot with me will enable you to do just that. My photography will tell a story for you and you can display that story proudly on your walls for years to come.

After working with children for over ten years, I have learnt how to work with them to get the best possible photos for you. Some say I have the patience of a saint!!!

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