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Personal Brand Photography

"Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business" - Steve Forbes

A Personal Brand Photoshoot is so much more than just a headshot.

You've realised that you need a couple of photos of yourself as the face of your business - Fantastic! This will help your clients relate to you so much more! 

But have you really thought this through...? 

What happens after you have posted that photo a couple of times? Is that posed headshot showing the real you? Your personality? Is it going to entice your target audience to buy from you?


What if you had a gallery full of photos that emotionally speak to your ideal client? Photos that are tailored to your business and that tell your story? Sounds better doesn't it! 

That is what I specialise in! 

I offer a bespoke service that is tailored to your particular business.

It all starts with a Consultation Call...!

Just click on the button below and book a FREE no obligation Consultation call and we can have a chat and discuss how I can help you and your business...


"I highly recommend Rachel to do your business branding photos, she puts you at ease straight away and we had a lot of fun!"

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What will the photoshoot entail?

  • Firstly I will focus on you within your working environment. Whether that is in your office, your home or a hired venue which suits your brand look and feel. 

  • I will then take some photos of you meeting with a 'client' or making of your product. Depending on your business.

  • I will take some product photos, both lifestyle and flatlays for use in graphics and marketing depending on your business. This may include notebooks, laptop, coffee or even wine! It all depends on your business and vision.

  • What do you like to do for fun? This might be yoga or running, going for coffee, reading or walking the dog. Taking photos of what you like to do for fun will help your ideal client relate to you on a more human level which creates the know, like and trust factor of marketing.