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The Essential Shots: What brand photos to Capture During Your Brand Photoshoot

Woman writing in her dining room

Imagine the anticipation, the hours spent envisioning the ideal brand photoshoot. You've scoured Pinterest, meticulously curated outfits, and envisioned the perfect shots. But, has your photographer discussed the session with you? Will it be a robotic 'smile and pose' affair, or does it go beyond generic shot lists?

Enter a realm where generic is not in our vocabulary! Every photoshoot is a bespoke experience, tailored to the uniqueness of your business. We believe in capturing what sets your brand apart, emphasizing individuality in every frame.

The headshot - the essential brand photo!

While there are certain quintessential shots every business needs – cue the headshot – we approach it differently. No more stiff, emotionless headshots. Let's showcase your personality, where your eyes sparkle and connect with your audience. Forget the conventional white background; opt for the natural and relaxed. The question is, which version resonates with you?

Woman in yellow posing on a chair
Headshot of woman with blonde hair

The natural and relaxed shot

Or the corporate traditional headshot?

Hero Shot: Where Your Story Unfolds

Step into the spotlight with your hero shot. This isn't just a photograph; it's a statement. Choose a setting that aligns with your brand's ethos, whether it's your workspace, a cityscape, or a natural landscape. Let your body language exude confidence and passion. This shot is the visual crescendo of your brand's symphony – bold, captivating, and leaving a lasting impression.

Group of employees in Liverpool

It might be your team photo like above, or it may be an image of you with a client or working.

Woman smiling with headphones on

Working Shot: A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Peek behind the curtain and invite your audience into the heart of your brand. The working shot captures you in the act of creation. It could be the nimble strokes of your paintbrush, the focused typing at your desk, or the sizzle and clatter of your kitchen. This shot adds depth by showcasing the genuine effort and dedication that goes into your craft.

Lifestyle Shot: Inviting Your Audience In

Transport your audience into the lifestyle your brand offers. Whether it's a product or service, the lifestyle shot is about the experience. If you're in fashion, it might be a shot capturing your creations in an urban landscape. For a wellness brand, it could be an image reflecting tranquility and balance. This shot is an invitation for your audience to envision themselves as an integral part of your brand's world.

Working Tools: Showcasing Your Craft

Think about your working day... What tools do you use?

Your tools aren't just objects; they're extensions of your creativity. The working tools shot pays homage to the instruments that bring your ideas to life. Showcase your laptop, camera, sketchpad, or any tool that plays a pivotal role in your process. This shot adds a tactile and tangible dimension to your brand story.

What makes you human?

Your audience wants to feel connected to you. They want to know that they have something in common with who they are buying from. This might be a small as the book you're reading or that you love to work out at the gym, or it might be as big as the fact you home school your kids and travel the world looking for adventure (My dream!!!)

family of 3 in Iceland

What makes you human? What do you love to do?

Client Shot: Faces of Trust

Celebrate the relationships that breathe life into your brand. The client shot isn't just a display of products or services; it's a testament to the people who trust and believe in your brand. If possible, capture candid moments of interaction, testimonials, or even the end result of your collaboration. This shot fosters a sense of community and builds trust.

woman laughing with client looking at laptop

White Space Shot: Breathing Room for Brilliance

In the visual narrative of your brand, the white space shot serves as a moment of serenity. This shot provides a clean canvas, allowing your brand's essence to stand out without distraction. Whether it's an image with minimal props or a shot with a neutral background, the white space shot offers clarity and simplicity, giving your audience a chance to focus on the brilliance of your brand.

It also gives you some photos that allow text to be added to your posts on social media. A very valuable asset.

Woman smiling in front of brown door

Surprisingly, these 8 categories encompass the core elements of a brand photoshoot. It may not seem extensive at first glance, but trust me, this collection has the potential to yield a minimum of 75 distinct photos! Our goal is to provide you with a diverse array of brand photos, ensuring you have a versatile content bank for any topic you wish to address. The aim is to eliminate the struggle of generating ideas, empowering you with a clear understanding of how to effectively showcase your business and attract your clients.

Does this sound as everything you need for your business?

I'd love to chat with you about a future brand photoshoot! I cover the whole of the UK so book a chat with me today and we'll see how I can help your business elevate and grow.


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