Weddings and Events

Enjoy the day

I am in the business of creating memories, and I want to make sure yours are truly magical.
My photography style is very much lifestyle and ‘True-to-life’. I work with you in a very relaxed and non posed way, capturing the true moments of the day.
I do offer a few posed and formal poses as without these there is always something missing from the day! Especially for the Grandparents! However, if you do not want these then that is absolutely fine. It is your day!
If you are interested and would like to discuss your wedding or event further then please get in touch and we can arrange an informal chat and I can send you some more information. I think that meeting your photographer before you make any decision is vitally important as they will be your shadow for the day! You must be comfortable with them.

Are you interested in an Elopement? Then I would love to work with you to make your dream day come true! 

dancing couple
first dance
Grandpa and granddaughter
Girl with huge eyes
swinging kids
bride and groom
Fun wedding group photo
Guest dining, Huddersfield
Looking at your new wife
Huddersfield wedding
Speech reaction, Huddersfield
Groom enjoying the moment
Wedding red rocks Hoylake
Bride and groom - A moment together
Classic Jaguar car
Family photo
Wedding group photo
Special jewellery
The blessing
covered in confetti
wedding dress
Finally married
Capture the groom laughing
Don't let go
First look
Cutting the cake
Secret wedding moment
Wedding on red rocks beach Hoylake