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Twenty Seconds Of Insane Courage


Confidence is a thing we either have or don't have, right? Wrong!

Confidence can be learnt! Yes I know from experience! I have never been a confident person. Quiet at school, I dreaded parents evening because the teachers would say 'She's very quiet! Needs to join in more!' - One day I decided to put my hand up, said an answer to the question and everyone burst out laughing!

Well, that was me quiet for the rest of the year!

I went to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and studied a degree in technical theatre. The place was full of egos and confident people. Or so I thought. Once you got to know them they were not the confident I thought they were. They were all acting. Even the technicians.

The difference was, I later found out and something I have been working on ever since - They all acted confident to be confident.


Easier said than done right? Well, this brings me to another part of my life that changed my perception. Have you ever watched the film 'We bought a zoo'? An amazing film with Matt Damon in. He teaches his son a line that is genius!!!! (Actually based on a true story of Benjamin Lee)



These two fantastic quotes are two I live by every day. If I'm scared to do something (which is a lot of times!) I will think these things. It's worked for over 20 years! Yes I put things off, such as not going live on social media for four years! Not having a photoshoot done of myself until I had to.

Not showing the photo above because I think I look stupid!!!! 20 seconds of insane courage and I posted it. You know what? It got more encouragement than ANY of my other posts! Why? Because this photo is me! I am always laughing, I love to have fun and I know that people can see that in this one photo.

Booking a photoshoot is a scary thing, something many people put off for years before they realise that they need one.

The things people are scared of are:-

  • Being the focus of attention

  • Smiling at the camera

  • How they look on camera

  • Too fat, too thin

  • 'I don't know how to pose"

  • "I don't know what to do with my hands"

  • "No one wants to see me staring at my laptop!"

So I ask you - why did you start up your business? What motivates you? Do you want it to grow?

If you want it to be successful but you are stuck in a rutt, then 20 seconds of insane courage is what it takes for your business to take a jump into the next level! 20 seconds is all it takes to click on the link and book a call with me! In that call we can just have a chat about your business. Thats all it takes! After that you have a person next to you to guide you through the whole process. Bit by bit, step by step, until you are confident to have that brand photoshoot.

20 seconds...

Other ways to feel confident

Feeling confident comes with practice, and it comes with time. We have days that we want to hide away and not see anyone. Thats fine. But if you want your business to go places then confidence is key.

  • Confidence in your own ability

  • Confidence to show your face in your marketing

  • Confidence in talking to people

  • Confidence to show that you are the best at what you do and they definitely should buy from you!

It's all in the eyes

Have you ever looked at a photo and there's something missing? Look at the persons eyes, what do they tell you? I can tell everything from a persons eyes, whether they are comfortable, whether they are happy, whether they just want this photo to be over!!!

Look at this photo for example!!!! It's of my family! But my husbands eyes tell the picture! He was so cold and not at all having fun!!!! 'Just come on with the photo so I can get back in the car!!!!'

Even before the photoshoot takes place, I will get to know you so that it's not awkward and you feel comfortable with me. I will help you to forget the camera and chat to you and get you to tell fun stories that your kids have done or how you met your husband! This is to get a genuine smile and not a fake one. I HATE it when people say 'Smile!!!!' So fake!

Hands are awkward things!

Confidence is in the hands! Cor they are awkward things aren't they!!!! What are they doing? Where am I meant to put them?

hands need a purpose. They need to be holding something, or a reason to be where they are.

I will make sure that your hands have a purpose, something to do! Having something to do with your hands will help your confidence in relaxing and looking good!

No double chin!

Sounds a bit silly doesn't it?! Push your forehead forward - I was taught to say 'chin forward' so that you haven't got a double chin, but this resulted in people putting their chin up in the air! So I now say 'forehead forward' as it brings the whole face forward and you push your shoulder back. Perfect! I also get my clients to imagine an invisible string pulling them up. This gives you a confident look for all your photos. Try it in the mirror, am positive you will love the difference it makes! Confidence boost right there!!!

Most importantly - Have fun!

It is so important to hire a photographer that you gel with. Someone you feel a connection with, that understands your business and your dream. Who you can have a laugh with and makes you relaxed. This will give you so much confidence and you will forget all about the camera!

So... These are my main tips for confidence. Believe me, they work! 20 seconds of insane courage and you will eventually become confident. 20 seconds and you will have booked that photoshoot that has been on your mind for months! You will be able to tick that box and start to feel amazing about yourself!

If you change your mind, thats ok, but at least you've taken that first step!

Ready, set.... GO!!!!

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