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What is Brand Photography and how will it help my business?

Your brand is everything in your business. It's more than just your logo, it's the way everything in your business flows, if you have a brand in your mind then your clients will feel safer buying from you than someone who's posts are one day blue and one day pink! One day they send your package in a beautifully packaged parcel with pink tissue paper and a note thanking them, but then the next time it's just in a box with paper protecting it. Clients will not know where they stand and they won't know how you work or who they are buying from as it's constantly different each time.

Your brand is your logo, your colours, your way of talking and communicating. Even down to your fashion sense. Your brand should show your clients YOU. Don't try and be someone you are not.

So, what is Brand Photography?

Brand photography is about creating beautiful high quality photos to help you to tell your business story. It has never been so important to have an online presence and a brand photographer can help you achieve this by taking photographs of you and your business. This maybe you on a call, working at your laptop in your office or in a cafe. It might be of you relaxing and doing yoga if that is what you enjoy doing. It might be of you making your product in your workshop or baking your cakes etc.

Hiring a brand photographer is a fantastic way to take the stress out of thinking about what to post on social media. You might not want to show selfies but professional photos of the person that your clients are buying from. Clients want more than just a headshot these days, they want to know who they are buying from and if they like you. They have to feel like they know you and trust you.

Entrepreneurs are being encouraged all the time to turn themselves into brands that will help to create a more powerful presence.

Think about what your brand values are: why are you doing what you do? Who is it you like to help? Who is your ideal client?

A Brand photographer can help you to think about these questions and create photographs that can show your client the answer to these questions.

Having professional photographs to show on your social media, your website as well as your marketing material can give a professional look and feel to your business and reassures your client.

Is a branding session for you?

If you have your own business and would like to increase your online presence, create a 'know, like and trust' impression for your clients and have whole gallery of photographs that you can use at any time for your social media, then considering a personal branding photoshoot could be exactly what you need to make your business grow!

Schedule a 30 minute call with me and I can discuss how I can help you with a Brand photography photoshoot!


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